Yes, it's me, Sachi the cellist from Vermont

Hello my dear non-Japanese speaking friends! Yes, it's me, Sachi, the cellist from Vermont, Middlebury HS class of 1993, Oberlin double degree class of 1998, San Francisco rock climber, SF Front Runner, taiko drummer, club hopper who worked at Hotbot/Wired/Lycos until 2000.

Welcome to my blog, and apologies that it is 99% in Japanese. I didn't start this because I really wanted to blog. I started this because I got this weird idea, that if I wrote online about how much I like quartets, then maybe I would get more quartet gigs here in Japan. I know it's not it's not the traditional route to playing quartets. But...

The thing is, here in Japan, people equate classical music with orchestras, fancy concert halls, and big cities, despite the fact that there are many people in the countryside who are just as intrigued by classical music.

I freelanced for 10 years in Tokyo, but when the Vermonter in me couldn't handle the city anymore, I moved to the countryside, a town called Ogawamachi, just a little over an hour outside of Tokyo, and I've never been happier.

My music became more inspired, I was able to explore the mountains and go running in beautiful places without having it take up my entire day, and I started getting offers for concerts in the countryside, not by management agencies, not by other musicians, but by fans of my playing who just wanted to hear more!

So that is what is feeding my little dream that people in the Japanese countryside might really enjoy string quartets. Because who doesn't like string quartets?

At the moment, my blog is generally geared towards Japanese people who aren't necessarily hard core classical music fans, but people who want to know more, listen more, and understand more about what makes classical music just so beautiful.

That being said, I realized that maybe some of you may be interested in what the classical music "scene" is like in rural Japan, so I'm going to try to write some articles about my experience, things that have worked, and things that don't.

And maybe just maybe, if I can work on my marketing skills just a little bit more, I can invite some of you to play with me here in Japan. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Or maybe we can just go camping and enjoy the hot springs :)

Dreaming dreaming, and thinking of you! With much love, Sachi

My high school yearbook photo (1993)


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  LaVita 〜大切なあなたへ〜
【全席自由】大人3,500円 高校生以下1,000円(未就学児無料)
【出演者】石川寛子 Vn、大塚幸穂 Vc、長谷川芙佐子 Pno、大村典子 Harp  
【アクセス】都営浅草線、東京メトロ日比谷線 人形町 A6, A2出口より徒歩4分

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